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Environmental Mission Statement:

Plumrose USA is committed to leading the industry in sustainable practices. We believe these practices play a vital role in decreasing our company’s environmental footprint, leading to responsible products and increasing our competitive advantage.

Water, Waste & Energy

– Publically reporting GHG and Waste Water.
– Publically reporting reduction goals for GHG and Wastewater.
– Utilizing metrics to accurately gauge our progress for accountability.
– Continuously searching for programs that reduce our imprint and minimize risks to the environment.

Greening the Supply Chain

– Fostering partnerships with suppliers who align their sustainability efforts with our mission to reduce our environmental footprint.
– Assisting our suppliers and customers to meet their sustainability goals.
– Identifying and Reducing risks that impact the Earth, throughout the supply chain.
– Striving to purchase, offer and use environmentally friendly products.
– Encouraging transparency within the Supply Chain.


– Educating employees to support the environment in their daily lives whether in the workplace or at home.
– Engage local communities in sustainable actions that support the Environment.
– Assist manufacturing and transportation associations to incorporate sustainability workshops and language in their bi-laws.