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Plumrose / DAK Canned Hams are made from top quality US hams. Plumrose and DAK are the #1 selling shelf-stable canned hams in the United States. All our hams are fully cooked and can be eaten cold if desired. They are also a convenient “Heat & Eat” (in the oven, microwave, or on the stove) solution for today’s busy consumer.


– For the consumer, our shelf-stable canned hams offer versatility as they can be used for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. Also, they provide a welcome nutritional alternative on the next camping, boating, hunting or hiking trip.
– Long shelf life
– Great emergency food supply
– Offers great seasonal merchandising opportunities such as: Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving
– Plumrose and DAK meats taste delicious
– Our canned hams feature the “Easy Open” pull top
– Plumrose and DAK service levels are amongst the highest in the industry!


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