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BBQ Products

Plumrose Pre-Cooked Ribs are made only from the leanest ribs and slow cooked to lock in the juicy flavor. All of our Pre-Cooked Ribs are coated in a thick, rich, and flavorful barbeque sauce that you can’t find anywhere else. Just heat any of our Plumrose Pre-Cooked Rib products on the grill, in the over or microwave and your meal is ready to serve.


– Our ribs are available in Baby Back and St. Louis-Style Spare Ribs
– Fully cooked, seasoned and sauced
– Our ribs are made from pork with no added hormones or steroids
– Delicious “fall-off-the-bone” tenderness
– Plumrose Ribs are available at retail, in the deli section, and for foodservice
– Pre-Cut Ribs are an economic alternative
– Available in both Plumrose and Danola brands or under your own private label
– Custom product development available
– Plumrose service levels are amongst the highest in the industry!