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At Plumrose USA our goal is to deliver great tasting products, safely, sustainably, and responsibly.

Feel free to browse and learn about our company and if you start to feel hungry, your nearest supermarket or club store can provide you with delicious PLUMROSE, DAK, and DANOLA branded products.

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The success of Plumrose USA has been built on the strengths of our signature brands – PLUMROSE, DAK and DANOLA – and on our ability to satisfy evolving consumer preferences. These brands became part of the Plumrose USA family as a result of merg- ers and acquisitions dating back to the 1950’s. As the company continues to grow and product lines expand, each brand carries items that reflect their own distinctive reputation for freshness, quality and great taste


PLUMROSE was first introduced in the United States back in 1932. The items offered under this brand have the widest distribution of all and have expanded to include a vast array of packaged deli meats, bacon, canned hams and precooked rib items.


DAK established itself as a quality brand in 1947 and is a solid presence in club stores throughout the country. Whether you see a DAK ham behind the counter at your local supermarket or pick up a 3lb package of bacon at a warehouse store, you can be assured of the highest quality products..


The DANOLA brand was introduced in 1952. This brand is sold primarily on the West Coast and is expanding into Mexico. The DANOLA line of sliced lunchmeats have become one of the top selling items in Southern California and the brand is regarded as premium quality among discerning consumers in Los Angeles. More

This expertise in building our own brands gives us experience in developing our customer’s brands. Our vision and mission is to become the best supplier of private brands in the US.

We know every brand is built on trust – the ability to deliver great tasting, safe, sustainable products that consumers enjoy and demand. We have a dedicated team developing unique private brands that are distinct to our customer’s consumers. We have a saying at Plumrose, “we build brands one bite at a time”. That is, we work with our customers to develop products that appeal to their consumer delivering great taste and value that drives profits for our customers. See our Private Brands section for more information.

Danola Brand

About Us

Picture of the Plumrose buildingPlumrose USA is a manufacturer with over 80 years of experience in providing delicious, high quality meat products throughout the United States. What started out as a sliced ham company in 1932 has expanded into a business that offers a multitude of product lines including premium bacons, packaged deli meats, quality deli counter hams, cooked ribs and canned hams.

Plumrose USA is committed to delivering optimum value to its customers and is dedicated to being one of the top suppliers of packaged deli meats, ribs and bacon to both the retail and food service trades.

Our Facilities

Plumrose production facilities are product focused:

• Sliced Deli Meats – Booneville, MS
• Bacon – Elkhart, IN
• Barbecue Items & Ribs – Swanton, VT
• Deli Meats & Bacon – Council Bluffs, IA

By owning and operating our own plants, Plumrose can slice and
pack every size the customers demand. Along with our famous
branded products, Plumrose USA is capable of offering an array of
products packed under the customer’s private label.

Plumrose USA Offices

• Booneville, MS – Deli Meats Slicing Plant
• Council Bluffs, IA – Deli Meats & Bacon Processing Plant
• Downers Grove, IL – Corporate Headquarters, Accounting
• East Brunswick, NJ – Human Resources & Information Technology
• Elkhart, IN – Bacon Processing Plant
• Rogers, AR – Sales Office
• Swanton, VT – Rib Processing Plant
• Tupelo, MS – Customer Service, Marketing, Purchasing & Distribution
• Upland, CA – Sales Office


Be the best U.S. provider of value-added private branded meat products.


Achieve DC Foods’ financial objectives utilizing sustainable and ethical business practices while efficiently meeting customer expectations for products/services.

Core Values

We strive for a culture of continuous improvement, integrity, teamwork, accountability, wellness.